I have not read any other translations of the Siva Purana. So I cannot compare this to any other work’s. As a fan of Ramesh Menon I give him a 5 star for the. The life time of Vishnu is one day of Siva There are eighteeen Mahapuranas, great The book, Siva is a vivid retelling of the Siva Purana for today’s reader. 28 Apr SIVA – The Siva Purana Retold: Religious, Non-Fiction. AUTHOR: Ramesh Menon. BEST SELLERS: The Hunt for K and Blue God: A Life of.

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A well return book and a good conversion of Sanskrit literature into English.

It’s such an accessible way for most of us to read the essence of this sacred text. In a trance I watch those dancing flames; Looping onto themselves at times, Jumping up with sheer abandon at others.

Siva: The Siva Purana Retold

Like when Indra calls Vishnu his brother but a little bit of googling really help while reading this. Write a product review.

For me the best part of the book is getting to know so many Siva stories in siva the siva purana retold which I always wanted bcz I am a ardent devotee of the Mahadeva. The author has attempted to present the stories and symbolism of the Siva Purana in a way that would be comprehensible to the new generation of readers. The Puranas have come down through oral tradition, with the disciples passing on what they learnt from their Guru.

There are not many books written on the subject of Siva Purana. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. And to think some people take Lord Shiva as simply an ascetic Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Sep 25, Vipin Menon rated it really liked it. However, this brevity requires hard labor on part of the reader to keep up with the multitude of characters siva the siva purana retold situations that are captured within a few lines time and again.


Chick-lit, Comedy, General Fiction Followed by: Plagiarism is strictly prohibitied. A perfect book to know about Shiva, the Parabramhan I always wanted to read about Shiva and this book helped me in the cause. Menon that in almost all the chapters barring few you mentioned diff A must read I believe if the reader is open to it, they will find a treasure trove of guidance through life from these seemingly simply and fantastic stories. That is not to say that the book is poorly written. And surprisingly they often don’t know the inner meanings behind the siva the siva purana retold Admittedly, not for those who are deeply devout and conservative or disapproving of expressions of physical love and sexuality like it or not, that is how we all arrived here.

Reading it is a spiritual practice I feel. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download siva the siva purana retold free Kindle App.


Visit our Help Pages. But I admit, it helps when reading this book to be open to really knowing more about Lord Shiva and the possibility that he represents the Siva the siva purana retold Pervading Consciousness underlying all consciousness i. Mar 13, Utsav rated it it was amazing.

There are 18 Mahapuranas, great Puranas, and the Siva Purana is one reetold them. Rhe terms and phrases Agni Andhaka th army arrows ashes astras asuras Aushadipura battle Bhairava bhaktas blazed blessed blood blue body boon born Brahma brahmana chakra cried curse daityas Daksha Danava danced dark daughter siva the siva purana retold devas Devi dharma dhyana earth eyes face father feet fell fire flew flowers ganas gandharvas Ganesa Ganga Gautama golden grew guru hand Hari head heart heaven Himachala Himavan holy husband Indra Jalandhara Jyotirlinga Kaali Kaama Kaasi Kailasa kalpa Karttikeya kill Kumara Lakshmi laughed linga Lord lotus Mahadeva mantra Mena moksha moon mother mountain Muni Naimisa Nandin Narada Narayana night Obeisance ocean once Parvati patala Pitama Purana rakshasas Rama rishis roared Rudra sacred Sanatkumara Sati screamed Shakti Shankachuda Siva Siva’s smile Soma stood Retolld Sudeha Suta tapasya Taraka tell thousand Tripura trishula Uma’s vana Varuna Vedas vimana Virabhadra Vishnu Vyasa wife woman worlds worship Siva yagna yogin yuga.


Angry River by Ruskin Bond. Arjun Certified Buyer 17 Dec, A lot more could have been retolr. Oct 15, Yuvaraj rated it really liked it.

A Wrinkle In Time is an old book. I stand corrected now.

Brett Tea by Vinod Kumar S. Shiv Puran “retold” in his own manner by adding sexuality to it.

Autobiography of a Sadhu. The unifying third that perceives and destroys it all?

Siva: the Siva Purana retold – Ramesh Menon – Google Books

Of course, she would be born again: This is a really good collection puana the mythology of one the supreme Hindu Gods. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Siva the siva purana retold. This Purana recounts the stories and glories of Siva and his various forms, of his Divine Consort, Shakti, and also discusses the path to Moksha or salvation. Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter.