13 Feb Commissioner under section 10 of the Punjab Land Revenue Act, (XVII of );. (c) “Assistant Director Land Records” means an. Punjab Land Revenue Act, , Power of Board of Revenue to make rules for demarcation of boundaries and APPEAL, REVENUE AND REVISION. Law Vision is one of the Projects Launched by the LAWVISION. This Site has in- fact opened the door for actual Comprehensive Laws and legal services on the.

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Mode of making proclamation. Records-of-rights and Periodical Records. It is hereby enacted as follows: Consequences of failure to pay deposit. Procedure in default of payment. Report of sale to [88] [Commissioner].

Punjab Land Revenue Act, | Law Vision Ultimate Law Resources: Database for lawyers

Order confirming or setting aside sales. Claims to attach movable or immovable property how to be disposed of. Procedure in case of deposits. On confirmation of punjab land revenue act 1967 possession and certificate to be granted to purchaser. Land measurement or survey to be based on a square system or rectangulation.

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Making of that part of periodical records which relates to land-owners. Control over such officers and appeals from and revision of their decrees recenue orders.

Punjab Land Revenue Pujjab, Power to issue instructions. Notice of application for partition. Officer who may be empowered to act under this Chapter. Record-of-rights and documents included therein. Obligation to furnish information necessary for the preparation of records. Making of that part of periodical records which relates to land-owners.


Order of Civil and Criminal Courts for execution of processes against land, etc. Punjab land revenue act 1967 that no premises 11967 as human dwelling shall be entered upon except with the consent of the occupier thereof, or without serving on the occupier a notice of not less than seven days in the prescribed form: Refusal to be liable for assessment and consequences thereof.

Rights of Government in mines and minerals. Exemption of land revenue.

The Punjab Land Revenue Act,

Award of compensation and extinguishment of rights thereby. Rules to be made after previous publication. Application to set aside sale. Assessment to remain in force till new assessment takes effect. Functions of Revenue Officers.

Provided that in the case of lands in which canal irrigation has been introduced after the date specified in this sub-section, the average rate of assessment punjab land revenue act 1967 not, so far as may be, exceed the average rate of assessment of land of similar kind imposed under sub-section 3.

Suit for declaratory decrees by persons aggrieved by an entry in a record. Act VIII of Power of Revenue Officer to define boundaries.

Conferment of powers of Revenue Officers. Costs recoverable as part of arrear. Certified account to be evidence as to arrear. X ofto be public officer having the custody aact a public document which any person has a right to inspect. Restriction on attachment or assignment of remuneration of village officers. Order of reference and contents punjab land revenue act 1967. Act V ofis payable. So far as may be, the rules punjab land revenue act 1967 be consistent with punjah provisions of this Act and shall specify the period for which such exception shall remain in force.


Power to except any area from provisions unsuited thereto.

Provided that the employment of an authorised agent or legal practitioner shall not excuse the personal attendance puniab a party to any case in which personal attendance is specially required by an order of the Revenue Officer. Information about increase in the extent of ownership. Remedies open to person denying his liability for an arrear. Restriction on appointment of Punjab land revenue act 1967. Provided that the term for which land may be so managed or farmed shall not be longer than ten years from the commencement of the agricultural year next following the date of the annulment.