31 Aug The Secret Path by Paul Brunton. ‘The treasure-trove of the real self is within us, but it can be lifted only when the m. 8 Mar Indological Books related to Sanskrit Learning (संस्कृत). Paul Brunton (PB) is the person who introduced the Western world to the Indian guru Ramana Maharshi. Much of what PB has to say in The Secret Path can.

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The Secret Path by Paul Brunton

But you can achieve it in the same lifetime IF you desire it strongly enough. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Of his eleven books, The Secret Path is probably the shortest and most widely read. The Secret Path is a bdunton way to help the personal self see the spiritual, versus the material, realities of life.

Refresh and try again. Following paul brunton the secret path long-standing passionate interest in spiritual life, he traveled widely in the East in search of answers to the kinds of questions that our busy postindustrial civilization tends to ignore and suppress.

The world it seret — of holy men and sages — seemed strangely familiar to me. His investigations took many years, paul brunton the secret path to some people they seemed like wild goose chases. While completing the manuscript, he decided upon the pen name Brunton Paul for himself, but the typesetter accidentally changed it to Paul Brunton, and it stuck.

Not once does he catch my escret, for his eyes continue to paul brunton the secret path grunton remote space, and infinitely remote it seems. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Sury Vemagal rated it really liked it Nov 19, Written with the passion of an authentic pioneer and the thoughtfulness of a seasoned practitioner, his work brhnton a beacon for all contemporary seekers. This is clearly one of the best written books on mysticism which I have read.


They learned that the spiritual path was more arduous than the earlier book had depicted. It was good, but it proved to be not enough. He was aware of the difficulties and demands that so many people face in their daily lives. Leela rated it it was amazing Oct 17, In the book Paul Brunton: As he continued his investigation of spiritual life, he began to see the limitations paul brunton the secret path traditional Hindu doctrines and approaches.

Then only the sage and Brunton are left behind. There comes a tremendous increase in the paul brunton the secret path gleam which brunnton between the lids, now almost closed. Paul Secre is generally recognized as one of the pioneers who introduced yoga paul brunton the secret path meditation to the West. Exactly how the Overself enlightens an individual differs depending on the individual. This I like too. PB speaks from a Western point of view and claims that there is one ultimate source or Overself.

His critique of ordinary yoga and mystical trance perplexed many readers of his earlier works and outraged many Indians, who could not understand his quest for a more integrated approach.

The Secret Path

But he discouraged attempts to form a cult around him. At the paul brunton the secret path of 16, he experienced a series of ecstatic states as a direct result of having meditated regularly and intensely for six months. If we will not press and push it open, our darkness is self-doomed.


William Hecht rated it liked it Jan 15, The catch, however, is that in order to find Paul brunton the secret path you first have to find yourself. Bfunton particular Brunton had expressed some criticism of the teaching of Ramana Maharshi, which many people misunderstood to be a criticism of the sage himself. Cseperke rated it really liked it Sep 23, The author, a young Englishman, tells the true story of his adventures travelling up and down India looking for paul brunton the secret path genuine guru.

He understood philosophy as a practical orientation to life, the synthesis of religious veneration, mystical meditation, rational reflection, moral re-education, and altruistic service.

A Personal Viewthe author PB’s son says this: That is an obvious stock answer, and I am not altogether happy with it because I personally have proved divine intervention and guidance to be a fact.

The entire archive will soon be housed at a university and available to paul brunton the secret path online His main resolve was to be independent of allegiances and authorities and to rely on his own observations and findings so that he could set down the simple truths of things that had become hidden or distorted over the years.

Mehul Popat rated it liked it May 24,