Enterprise Integration Patterns. Gregor Hohpe, Bobby Woolf. Computers & Internet. Enterprise Integration Patterns provides an invaluable catalog of. Enterprise Integration Patterns. Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions. by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. While I was working on P of EAA, . Enterprise Integration Patterns has ratings and 40 reviews. Ash said: I started reading this Gregor Hohpe,. Bobby Woolf. · Rating details · 1,

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I particularly liked the diagram of all the different kinds of Message Routers on page Feb 15, Arturo Moreno rated it really liked it. You’ll want to create messages, place them on a channel, route and transform them, and so on.

One might lack for the meta-language examples but I myself This is a classic book on the topic. A more detailed review can be found on my blog Do you have any plans for a second edition, or do you think about other pattern languages or book projects? May 24, Maxim Dilovski rated it really liked it Shelves: Articles by Olaf Zimmermann.

Enterprise Integration Patterns

How does a requestor that has received a reply know which request this is the reply for? How do you maintain the overall message flow when a blbby needs to be sent to multiple recipients, each nobby which may send a reply? As I pointed out already, the more things change, the more they stay the same, and EIP remains relevant. Wire Tap How do you inspect messages that travel on a point-to-point channel?

The pattern language continues to be relevant as of today, for instance in cloud application development and integration, and in the internet of things.

We also didn’t include much on error handling, except Dead Letter Channel. Request Reply When an application sends a message, how can it get a response from the receiver? Views Read Edit View history. Did your patterns get implemented faithfully, or have entsrprise of your patterns been misused or misinterpreted? Also, it’s one of those actionable patterjs – reading it opened my eyes on a couple of places where I could apply the patterns.


How can a message consumer select which messages it wishes to receive? Although there are plenty of other books presenting some of the concepts covered here, most of them focus on a particular middleware Enterptise platform family. I started collecting patterns on stateful conversations, 12 which one day may become EIP volume 2.

So we might not mess with it too much and humbly follow the footsteps of the GoF, who also never published a second edition. And, in fairness, this book does pretty much follow that pattern, although it’s probably the most readable pattern book I’ve encountered so far – partly because it is basically well written, partly because it’s a bit more up to date, and partly because it’s very well structured and so has limited the ‘forward reference’ problem There is a definite “book about patterns” pattern – introduce the concepts, a long section referencing things which haven’t been defined yet, then a list all the patterns.

This book serves two purposes: Pipes and Filters How can we perform complex processing on a message while maintaining independence and flexibility? Durable Patternx How can a subscriber avoid missing messages while it’s not listening for them? Same dance, different tune. Patterns capture expertise that is timeless.

How can a component avoid receiving uninteresting messages? Correlation Identifier How does a requestor bregor has received a reply know which request this is the reply for? Despite the accessible format, patterns have an elaborate structure where dissecting the problem reveals forces that are resolved in the solution.

A Decade of Enterprise Integration Patterns: A Conversation with the Authors

Describing error-handling strategies requires a broader vocabulary that includes state, 10 which would have expanded the scope of the book significantly.

Enterprise Integration Patterns EIP 1 —with its highly influential collection of messaging patterns—is definitely one of those few. Now microservices require integrating the process components, so messaging solutions will be needed entrrprise those as well. Point to Point Channel. How do you simplify dealing with a large message, when you hohppe interested only in a few data items?

The challenge we faced was to convey how to do messaging effectively. When I first looked at this book gregot ago, JMS and the like were sort of falling out of favor, but recently they’ve become en vogue again, so I decided it was time to finally check this one off the list.


There is a definite “book about patterns” pattern – introduce the concepts, a long section referencing things which haven’t been defined yet, then a list all the patterns. We documented a pattern language, not a pattern catalog, meaning the patterns build on each other and form an ecosystem. Its a highly intetration book, particularly for users of Camel.

Besides, although some of these messaging patterns sounds obvious but everything is obvious once we read about itvarious design choices are discussed and detailed on a couple of examples. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. Additional information Publisher Pearson Education. The same patterns can be applied in this context so it was definitely the worth the read for me to think on higher patternss when developing functional programs.

The pattern language guides readers in decomposing the problem: At the same time, integration is much more than just messaging. Applications running in the cloud need to integrate with those running in private datacenters, and the parts of hybrid applications running in separate clouds need to integrate with each other.

Message How can two applications connected by a message channel exchange a piece of information?

Nov 17, Jason Stubbs rated it it was ok. Mar 08, Evan Hoff rated it it was amazing.

A Decade of Enterprise Integration Patterns: A Conversation with the Authors

For example, an Idempotent Receiver may also be a Polling Consumer. How can the sender make sure that a message will be delivered, even if the messaging system fails? Service Activator How can an application design a service to be invoked both inregration various messaging technologies and via non-messaging techniques?

A book that exploits messaging for enterprises.