Linksys Wireless Router. Page 1 of 22 .pdf. Linksys Wireless Router. Configuration and Installation Guide. Version 1 Apr Log into the Linksys Smart WiFi configuration. Log in using the website http:// or your router’s IP address (i.e. Ne l’installez donc pas. Cliquez ici pour trouver le routeur WiFi Linksys WRT5GL au vous pourrez configurer en mode client WiFi pour notre pont sans fil.

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Port forwardings become more complicated. This router connects to the internet. Connect a single computer to the router. Configure the router at http: If the second router is not a wireless one, you basically have a few more ports in your network. The same applies to the second router.

WRT54G comme switch

The whole configuration becomes more oruteur Everything is connected to a single larger ethernet network. The address you change to What do you have now? All these things must be configured on the first router and only there. You cannot search your workgroup for the computer on the other side even when they use the identical workgroup name.


Post a NEW thread instead. If you don’t know or don’t want to know more about networking you don’t have to read the rest here.

This is simply because if a wireless computers moves from one router to the other it needs a different IP address. Windows file and printer sharing is one example here. For normal home networking with configurafion to use file and printer sharing it is better to connect the second router as suggested in this post Configurarion Edited by gv on Sometimes this is necessary in a network setup but for most home networks it only creates a lot of obstacles.

If you use Router mode on the second router: You have two separate ethernet networks and thus two “broadcast” domains.

If you need a port forwarding i. A broadcast will never cross the second router, though. In default Gateway mode the second router does network address translation NAT.

This basically means that the router part of the device is actually not used. A broadcast in the first router’s subnet reaches all computers connected there.


You’ll find similar answers with some screenshots in the Linksys Easy Answers, e. If you have two wireless routers: Now you want to hook up a second router e.

A default Linksys router uses With the second router in between, computers on one side do not know about computers on the other side. A router is a separating network element. This is an obstacle for applications that depend on broadcasting to locate other computers and services. There are ways roteur deal with some of these issues e.

Unplug the computer from the second router. Turn off the DHCP server on the second router.