Tag: tamil pulavar avvaiyar history in tamil. சங்ககாலப் பெண் புலவர்கள் · study materials. 3 years ago. 0. Login Into Your Course. TNPSC. 20 Aug Auvaiyar is one of the most famous poet in Tamil Literature. legends were spun around this old women Avvaiyar, including bed time story for. 2 Jun I was surprised to find that Avvaiyar (meaning “respectable women”) was not just a single person but that over the course of Tamil history as.

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In the whole poem Saint Auvaiyar addresses Ganesha in three places only.

It overwhelms Auvaiyar with such a surging love for humanity that she communicates the incommunicable by the assurance so positive kn veritable to take up the incantation of the mantra of Five Letters, Panchakshara. Auvaiyar followed a different strategy and directed her moral instructions at children who have open minds and are more receptive.

Avvai Hitsory has been started by local community long time back and still continuing willingly. In the footsteps of this votary, let us, with one accord, sing her litany of love and walk in the presence of Pillaiyar, the Son of Siva, and realize His grace within our own real Self. Ganesha will be the illuminator, the guru, who can effect this transfiguration.


She is known to have been a devotee of Lord Muruga. The light of Truth radiates in His countenance as the principle of delusion recedes, leaving its pronounced marks on the face of Ganesha. When Kampan tried to put Auvaiyar on the spot with some disparaging remarks, she proved that she could be as ruthless as the next person. Sangam epics recount that it was here that avvayar was blessed with a vision of her lord slaying andhaka and she has dedicated verses to the same.

But they refuse as they are afraid of the powerful enemies. Athiyaman wanted Avvaiyar to eat the eternal fruit as she was the right person who could serve the Tamil community. In addition to the above she had also written many songs about Anci. She was then met by a disguised Murugan regarded as one of the guardian deities of the Tamil languagewho jousted with her wittily.

This great song of religious devotion to Ganesha is sung to this day throughout the Tamil land at the time of Ganesha worship, particularly during the annual Ganesha Chaturthi festival. Ganesha’s elephant face, adorned with the red mark on the forehead, beams with beauteous smile at the votary who sings His praise. It is a work of paramount importance, as it communicates the quintessence of the worship of Ganesha. Theodore BaskaranAvvaiyar was perhaps the height of the trend for films celebrating Tamil culture and language: The first Auvaiyar was Sangam poet.


Boundless beatitude you have given me, ended all affliction, shown the way of grace: The sun is hidden from our sight by the clouds.

Auvayar at Universty of Toronto Mu.

She sees in one hand the displaced tusk ready to be used as a writing stylus, symbolizing the creative function. The radiant wisdom has been her priceless boon from the one-pointed worship of Ganesha. Auvaiyar Ma was a contemporary and close associate of two noble Siva bhaktas, Sundarar and Seraman Perumalruler of the Chera kingdom, both extolled as historyy Saiva saints in Sekkilar’s epic hagiography, the Periyapuranam.

The perplexing question of who am I, which has baffled humanity down the ages, has been solved by Saint Auvaiyar: Visswanathan – Sahitya Akademi, hsitory “There avvajyar to have lived an Auvaiyar during the period of Kampar and Ottakkuttar.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Now, with her mission over, she moves to another place where a boy asks a funny question, to which she could not give a convincing reply. Sundrambal style old women! This is where the demon andhaka was avvaiyaar by lord Shiva. The thunderous thud of the swift elephant And that of the agile horse must give place To that of the rider of this old dame!

Alphonse Raj David 0 Comments. This festival is celebrated every year in the month of Panguni on Sadhayam star day. They were as aware of her as she was of them. Although traditions claim that she was a sister of Kabilar, Thiruvalluvar and Athiyamaan, V. The primordial histofy from the muladhara, the eternal substratum, gives rise to the cosmic dance full of dynamic motion around and within.

The theme of kundaliniis intimately connected with the cult of Ganapati worship. The ego is the I-maker ahamkara and is inseparable from the Self atma.

Lord Vinayaka obliges and when others see it, they feel shell-shocked and understand what has happened. We discern in the poem on Vinayaka the underlying principle of the One in the many, and the many converging into the One. In the minds of Tamils she lives as a grand old lady. The fact that this was done by a woman is something Thamizh people can really be proud of.


Saint Auvaiyar Ma attempted the yoga, the bhakti and the jnana pathway in the worship of loving Ganesha in order to gain the apperception of Reality. Having entered into the beatific bliss of the “liberated,” it is the nature of such experience to seek and abide in an everlasting allegiance with all who have attained.

Although a Frenchman, I have been living in America for 27 years. There is none among the Tamils who does not know these two works, or at least a few lines in them. I still remember when I went to cast my first vote for election in Chepauk, I saw two candidates with identical names, and the name was M.

The saint of the masses – The Hindu

Below is the poem which Auvaiyar sings after receiving the Nelli fruit. All come within the purview of the all-knowing God Siva and are either scourged or saved by their own actions.

The dating of second Auvaiyar is due to the following reasons. With that unfailing weapon, your glance, you have put an end to my heinous sins, poured in my ear uncloying precepts, laid bare for me the clarity of ever-fresh awareness, sweetly given me your sweet grace for firm control of the senses five, taught how to still the organs of action; snapped my two-fold karma and dispelled my darkness, giving, out of grace, a place for me in all four states; dissolved the illusion of triple filth, taught me how to shut the five sense gates of the nine-door temple, fixed me firm in the six yogic centers, stilled my speech, taught me the writ of ida and pingala, shown me at last the head of sushumna.

Lot of legends were spun around this old women Avvaiyarincluding bed time story for children that the old women in moon is Avvaiyar. I also heard there were several people named Vijayakanth standing in the constituency where Vijayakanth was standing. The other hand, holding the modaka sweet, indicates the ever-watchful, protective care and the assurance of the reward of fulfilment.